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After analyzing the post-mortem of 101 failed start-ups, CBinsights found that the #1 reason start-ups fail is because there is no market need.

Yet, further examination reveals that failed start-ups likely didn’t know how to interpret, relate, and respond to the market demand.

“We were not solving a large enough…

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What would you think if I titled this story, Don’t click this. Curiosity killed the cat. Would you click it? I would, even though I’d assume it’s click-bait and then likely never click on any content by that brand or person again.

One of the 25 largest technology unicorns features…

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Who writes the marketing content at your company? Who do you think should write the marketing content?

Chances are, you answered marketing to both questions.

What if I reframe the question to ask who at your company is best-suited to write a thought leadership content piece on deploying deep learning…

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Blog posts, emails, display ads, retargeting ads, content, videos, case studies, whitepapers, SEO, surveys, social, virtual events, webinars, news stories…

In 2021. that might as well be a list of campaign tactics used by nearly every tech company. …

Leila Nazari

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