The Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide for Startups

27 B2B marketing resources to bookmark now.

b2b marketing guide
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A few weeks ago, I came across Morning Brew’s Marketing for Beginners Guide. My first thought — I’m glad the TV series Mad Men got a reference. Though, my favorite example of brilliant advertising wasn’t mentioned.

Below, is a clip of the main character, Don Draper, giving a masterclass in the power of emotions. Quickly following my first thought was, where is this type of resource list for B2B marketers?

While I think there’s plenty that the B2B market can learn from B2C, they aren’t synonymous. The two key differences between B2B and B2C boil down to 2 simple questions:

  1. Who is paying? (organization vs. individual)
  2. Who benefits? (organization & individual)

Given the differences, I decided to gather and share the resources that have made me a better B2B marketer. After 12 years in the tech industry, I still regularly uncover new ideas to put into practice though I still uncover a fair share of fluff as well.

9 out of 10 posts I read are either too generic (advertise on LinkedIn and host a webinar), tilted to promote a product or service (Inbound is the answer), or just wrong (quantity always beats quality). This list is the remaining 10% .

Whether you’re just starting out, need a refresher, or are looking for inspiration, here’s my curated list of the best free marketing resources on the web.

Brand building

  1. How to create a strong value prop that doesn’t sound like everyone else.
  2. The B2B elements of value pyramid
  3. Google Venture’s handy 3-hour brand sprint to define your brand’s who, how, what, and why.
  4. What to include in a branding guide
  5. My favorite tool for playing with colors. Works for branding and your bedroom.
  6. What to do when you get stuck or your marketing strategy isn’t working.
  7. A tool to get a digital map of your audience’s behavior and characteristics, along with a list of top b2b influencers in your space

Content strategy

  1. B2B content marketing 101.
  2. Where to find original B2B content ideas
  3. What exceptional content sounds like according to Sequoia Capital
  4. 58 alternatives to the bar chart to display data and convey ideas.
  5. The deadly content writing flaw many B2B startups make and how to fix it.

Account-based marketing

  1. An excellent summary to the question, what is ABM, anyways?
  2. An actionable framework for getting an ABM initiative off the ground
  3. A list of 22 ABM tactics and a list of campaign examples and tips

Reporting & metrics

  1. The 6 metrics that matter. Psst. Leads aren’t one.
  2. ABM metrics to track. Say goodbye to the MQLs.
  3. All your Google Analytics questions answered.


  1. Examples of BDR email strategies that stand out in the sea of generic emails like “how can I help?”
  2. The critical steps in any b2b sales process to accelerate progress
  3. How to create a killer sales deck by a fellow medium writer, Andy Raskin

Campaign tactics

  1. Understanding all the LinkedIn advertising options and why you should be doing LinkedIn advertising if you aren’t already.
  2. How you actually do link-building rather than just talk about.
  3. What we can learn from analyzing 25 tech unicorns. Full disclosure, this is my content series: Part 1: Surprising content strategies that work, Part 2: Powerful brand narratives and Part 3: Clever campaign strategies & examples

About the Author: Leila Nazari is a marketing growth advisor for VC-backed B2B startups and author of the b2b marketing playbook. She has held strategic marketing roles at Dataiku (unicorn), Vyze (acquired by MasterCard), and Bigcommerce (IPO) and consulted dozens of startups across AI, data science, marketing, retail, and fintech. When she’s not helping brands grow, you can find her at the bouldering gym, writing, or entertaining new ideas with friends.

Marketing advisor to B2B startups. Exploring new & unconventional ideas on technology, marketing, and culture.

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